The Bear the Dragon and the Wolf

by: Chris Flynn

The story of Arthur! It’s been done, and very well too, by several authors. How can the portrayal of such a well know historical character be in any way quirky? Chris Flynn brings the period to life with rich historical research, a dash of magic realism, a grasp of the religious schisms of the era and a wonderful portrayal of the clash between cultures in Post Roman Britain.

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Well worth a read. Chris does a grand job weaving the complexity of the post-Roman British situation with a fresh take on the Arthurian myth, Very engaging yet historically accurate, practical and believable. It's the first book I've read that gives a good sense of the motivations behind the protagonists. Awaiting part 2!

Colin Ashby

‘We’re not short of ‘Arthurian’ fiction and I’ve read a few clunkers in my time but this is very good – quite complex, as there are a lot of characters involved, representing different power bases/tribes and it takes a while to get going but it’s worth sticking with and the build-up to Glevum is really well put together – a real page turner. Chris Flynn has put in the research hours to put a new spin on Arthur – very convincing, can’t wait for the next volume!


I enjoy stories that grab and then hold my attention. This book does that. I don't read a lot, so when I get into a book and stay with it, that is a winner for me. As I say, this book does that. It's a good read, and woven into the story is a wonderful insight into part of our island's history I confess I knew nothing about. It brings history to life with its narrative and vivid characterisations. Yes, I recommend the book to readers who like a good read - R.Rendell.