The Sorry Tail Of Rupert The Reindeer/ Bumblebee Pie

by: Rob Rendell

The Sorry Tail Of Rupert The Reindeer and Bumblebee Pie are two short stories in the same book. The surprise for the reader - or the child being read to - is the first story starts at one end of the book and, when you turn the book over, turn it upside-down, the second story starts at the other end. You decide which story you read or listen to first. Sometimes one way, sometimes the other, it doesn't matter. The stories meet in the middle, something that makes the wonderful adventure of reading even more exciting.


Both stories are written in rhyme, both stories have brightly coloured illustrations.


Reindeer have short tails. Rupert The Reindeer is a reindeer with a tail that wouldn't stop growing. Find out what happens next.

Bumblebee Pie is a series of verses that tell a story, or they don't, that's up to you.

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