Chris Flynn

A writer steeped in ‘The Dark Ages,’ a dedicated historian who loves the mystery of the era. He can also be found on the acoustic folk circuit when not at his desk and has been known to perform a song or two on occasions.

Liam Mcgann 

It’s all about knowledge for Liam; something about where the old Celtic bardic tradition meets quantum physics. If his head’s not fixed on writing a book, it’s firmly immersed in reading one. If he can be prised away from keyboard or text, he can be found in the garden, sometimes with a pair of secateurs, but more often with a glass of red.

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Chris Ormondroyd 

Author of the locally acclaimed ‘Windhill Tales,’ in Yorkshire, Chris loves to find the quirky mix between anecdote, politics and those little twists that keep the reader on their toes. A reporter in a different life, he loves the written word. Writing is a sanctuary at times for someone who has been a Bradford City fan for the past 50 years.