If your reading is bland, make it better with BOTR.

‘Bland on the Run Books’ is a gallery site for independent fiction authors. We are not publishers, but we are here to promote authors whose work breaks some of the traditions of conventional writing.

Our claim to be ‘The Home of Quirky Fiction’ invites authors to our stable who exhibit creativity. This might take many different forms. There is no set formula. We can see George Martin as a classic example; the reader does not know what to expect in ‘Game of Thrones’ and soon abandons the habit of making predictions about what comes next.

BOTR hopes to entice the reader who enjoys an unpredictable read just as much as authors who can identify their efforts with what we are aiming to achieve.

Our current titles display quirky creativity in different ways. Chris Flynn’s Dark Age titles portray the history of the mythical King Arthur. Post-Roman Britain sets the scene for the story of Arthur in its historical context. There’s a dash of magic realism and a comprehensive vision of inter-tribal conflict, religious schism, family tensions along with military conflict. The grasp of Dark Age Britain is vast and takes the reader to its heart.

Liam McGann’s ‘Mindfields’ takes an initial idea and spins a tapestry of creative sci-fi into a ‘cracking tale’. Sci-fi authors have to work hard to achieve creativity in a domain replete with it. Liam’s story of a character who experiences adventures in simultaneous dimensions, along with a mischievous AI – Om, meets all our criteria for quirky compelling fiction.

Chris Ormondroyd’s ‘Hippies, Vandals and an Alien Called Pete’ is a sequel to his successful ‘Windhill Tales’. Here’s autobiographical fiction recounting the late 60’s/early 70’s, with a loveable group of rogues setting up a local live music scene. The quirkiness derives from a pithy underlying theme recounting the changing political scene, along with the input by Pete the alien. Quirky? It certainly is.

As a preview, J.J. Cade has just joined BOTR with two multi-genre thrillers ‘Moving the Force’ and ‘Jubilee’. In our current trying times of multiple crises, J.J. amalgamates elements of ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’, ‘Ocean’s 11’, a hint of Dan Brown and a few shades of grey. Quirky takes on a totally different definition in ‘Jubilee’, a work of truly impressive scope.

So, here is BOTR Books – whether you’re an author or a reader, we’d like to add you to our growing band of those who enjoy something a little bit different. 

Best wishes


BOTR Editorial Team